Which Siding Should I Choose for My Massachusetts Home?

Which Siding Should I Choose for My Massachusetts Home?

Massachusetts is a unique state that’s home to more history than you can imagine! Many of the homes in Massachusetts have been around for quite a long time, but there are plenty of newer builds. All of those homes are exposed to varying weather conditions throughout the year. From harsh winter weather to hot summer days, Massachusetts really does experience all four seasons in full effect! Having the right siding on your home is essential to staying protected against varying weather conditions, but how do you know what type of siding is right for you? 

Fiber Cement 

Fiber cement siding is a less commonly purchased type of siding, but it has plenty of notable benefits. It has a fire-resistant surface that will help protect your home in the event of a fire. Having fire-resistant siding could make the difference between your family escaping the fire and not having enough time to get out of the house. This siding can be purchased in a variety of colors to fit any aesthetic, but it can also be finished to look just like real wood siding!  Fiber cement siding by James Hardie® is a low maintenance option, but it comes with a higher price tag initially. 


Vinyl siding is the most popular type of siding across the country. Vinyl siding attracts homeowners because it’s an affordable and durable option with endless color choices. Vinyl siding by CertainTeed® requires little to no maintenance. Cleaning is as easy as using a scrub brush and your hose. Vinyl is built to withstand all weather conditions, and if damages do occur, repairs won’t break the bank. Vinyl siding is what you see on most newer homes, and that popularity isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon! The installation process is quick and easy, which keeps labor costs low too. 


Older, historic Massachusetts homes commonly have wooden clapboard siding. Clapboard siding looks excellent once it’s installed, but it’s not cheap. The installation process takes longer than vinyl siding, and not every contractor will have experience installing or repairing clapboard siding. Wooden clapboard siding requires regular maintenance and resealing to keep it protected against harsh weather. This siding option is excellent as long as you have the time and money to commit to maintaining it over the years! 

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