How Do Vinyl Siding & Fiber Cement Compare?

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How Do Vinyl Siding & Fiber Cement Compare?

If your house’s siding is no longer serving the purpose they were intended for; you can always replace them with help from skilled professionals. In fact, choosing the right professional isn’t as tricky as it was before. On the other hand, selecting the correct type of siding, especially between vinyl siding and fiber cement, is rather difficult. Nevertheless, we have compiled a small instructive guide to help you choose between the two types.

Which One Is Better?


Insulation is a key factor when it comes to making your house energy-efficient, and the exterior of the house plays an important part. Both types of siding options (vinyl and fiber cement) have a lower R-value. Consequently, siding doesn’t contribute as much as windows and attic insulation does. Therefore, even the slightest difference could mean a lot in conserving energy in your house.

On one side, fiber cement siding has an R-value of no more than 0.5, while vinyl sidings have 0.61. Proper insulation can increase the R-value of vinyl siding significantly. You can also take a look at spray foam insulation.


DIY-ing is not always a good approach when you tend to improve the exterior of your house unless you have the knowledge and experience. On the other hand, vinyl siding is the easiest to install because it is lightweight, easier to cut, and fit. Conversely, because fiber cement is denser, it takes slightly more effort to install them.


When it comes to durability and lasting longer, fiber cement surely surpasses vinyl siding options. This is because manufacturers build fiber cement to last longer in the years to come. Further, fiber cement siding is invulnerable to molds, pest infestations, or rot. Therefore, it helps to extend their lifespan through proper maintenance and exterior check.

Moreover, vinyl siding is thinner than fiber cement. This means vinyl isn’t as effective in keeping the home’s exterior sturdy against harsh weather conditions. 

Maintenance Comparison

When it comes to maintenance, there are various aspects to consider. Firstly, painting the vinyl siding can void their warranty, impacting the quality of the siding itself. However, it is relatively easier to paint and sustain the outer coating of fiber cement siding.


US Siding & Roofing can ensure that the siding of your house lasts through proper installation, repairs, and maintenance. If you require house siding repair, installation, maintenance, or more, you can contact us through our contact number at 978-644-7065. We offer both vinyl siding by CertainTeed® and James Hardie Fiber Cement installations. 

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