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When it comes to the types of windows you can install for your Sudbury property, skylights are a fantastic choice! They provide significantly more natural light than most replacement windows while offering unparalleled energy efficiency and property value boosts. However, like every type of window you’ll find on the market, skylights aren’t indestructible! Because of the relationship that skylights have with your roof, repairs and replacements need to be treated with the utmost care and attention. You don’t want to cause further damage to your roof by hiring the wrong people for the job! The skylight repair professionals you hire need to have extensive knowledge of the relationship between your roofing and skylights, being able to act accordingly to fix a variety of issues. When you work with the exterior remodeling professionals at US Siding & Construction, this is the exact kind of quality you can come to expect!

What Types Of Skylight Damages Can Our Team Repair For Your Property?

Like every other component of your home’s exterior, your skylights aren’t indestructible. Wear and tear are bound to happen at some point – especially after exposure to the harsh weather climate that New England is known for! Unlike other types of windows, skylight repairs need to happen quickly after you identify a problem. Because of the way that they’re angled, the opportunities for water damage are more numerous! When you notice any of the following problems with your skylights, you should call our window repair professionals right away to assess the situation.


    • Poor Insulation Or Weather Sealing: The weather seal on your skylight is its greatest defense against precipitation. If you feel a draft or notice leaks, this could likely be the culprit!
    • Flashing Damage: This is the most common problem that a skylight can have. We can re-apply new flashing to your skylight to ensure that the damage from corrosion isn’t felt for long.
    • Hail Damage: While many skylights are designed to be weather-resistant, even the mightiest ones can suffer from hail cracks. This is the most visually obvious type of damage, so you should contact us when you see it!
    • Bad Installation: If your skylight was installed by an inexperienced contractor, the problems will arise sooner rather than later. Avoid this issue entirely when you choose us for skylight installation!
    • Ice Dams: These are more commonly associated with your gutter systems, but that doesn’t mean that the problem is non-existent for skylights! Ice dams are a serious issue that requires delicate attention in order to prevent roof damage.

Signs Of Having Skylight Damage

Some of these problems won’t always be visible from the inside, so it’s crucial to know the underlying signs of skylight problems. If you notice any of the following, give us a call today at (617) 917-3857 for speedy assistance!


  • Ceiling cracks or stains
  • Condensation forming on skylights
  • You feel a draft in the room
  • You notice leaks around the skylight
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