There comes a time when homeowners need a little extra space in. They love their current home but a little extra home space can make a difference for their current living situation and absolutely increases the resale home value.

US Siding & Construction is happy to provide their addition services to all customers. Many additions that we provide include:

  • Kitchen additions to make for more space in the most used room in the house.
  • General Home additions to add space to just about any room in the house. From the first floor to the 2nd, 3rd or 4th we have done it all.
  • New room additions are often needed when a new family member is joining the family or if a family has the need for an extra room.

Our team of experienced architects, designers & contractors specialize in addition remodeling services. An addition is more than just adding space. There is often new windows, roofing and structural features that go into it. No matter what you have planned, when working with US Siding & Construction you will know that your addition will be top of the line.

For more information about our addition services please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 617-467-5005 or through our online contact form.