Roof Snow Removal in Sudbury, MA

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Roof Snow Removal Services in Sudbury, MA & Beyond! 

If you have lived in Massachusetts for more than a year, you have likely experienced what winters can be like across the state. Most Massachusetts winters are associated with significant snow totals. When snow starts to build up on your roof, it can be quite costly. At U.S Siding, we can offer snow removal solutions to help keep your roof intact for the years to come. Continue reading below if you are interested in receiving roof snow removal assistance! 

Why Is Snow Roof Removal Neccessary?

While on the surface, snow on a rooftop may look harmless, but that is hardly the case. Snow on a rooftop can weigh the roof down and overtime cause it to collapse. A sinking or collapsed roof is the last thing any homeowner wants to experience. Failure to remove snow from a roof can also lead to ice dams. Ice dams form when the heat inside your home rises up to the ceiling. This causes snow on the roof to melt but end up piling up at the bottom of your roof. From there an ice dam will form and can cause significant water damages. Snow does not need to be removed from your roof every time it snows but use fair judgment and have a grasp when the weight of snow on your roof is excessive.

A close up of a home's roof with icicles coming off the roof, a visual of an ice dam.
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How Should I Remove Snow from My Roof?

Removing snow on your roof can be done in a variety of ways. If you are comfortable going on your rooftop you can go on your roof with a shovel and shovel snow off the roof directly, If you are uncomfortable going on your roof, you can also remove snow from a roof with a rake. If you do not want to pursue either of those options, you can always leave to the professionals. There are many professional roofing companies out there willing to help you clear snow from your roof.

Choose U.S Siding & Roofing for Roof Snow Removal! 

Our team at U.S Siding & Roofing understands the damage snow can do on a roof. We can help get snow off your roof and protect the integrity of your roof. Just contact us when you need assistance clearing snow from your roof!

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