Marvin Windows Collections

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Marvin Window Collections

The experience of selecting your own customized window should be an easy process. From navigating and selecting your options to installing them to perfection, there shouldn’t be any seams to navigate throughout this process. This is why Marvin windows offers three separate collections that combine their products and organizes them by features and design options! US Siding is proud to offer installation of any of the following collections as part of our Authorized Replacement Contractor Program. We’re here to simplify the window installation process by providing a variety of fantastic choices. Read on to learn more about each collection!

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Signature Collection

Marvin’s Signature Collection is the pinnacle of customization and innovation, combining a variety of different styles, sizes, and configurations to give you the broadest range of options to choose from. The Signature Collection places great emphasis on architectural beauty and precision, and you’ll find a host of great examples of these traits in the three product lines that comprise this collection:

  • Coastline: As you might have guessed by the name of this line, this set of windows is designed for both providing the best coastal views possible and protecting your home from the worst that coastal weather has to offer.
  • Modern: The name of the game for the Modern line is simplicity meets performance. Designed to meet the sleek and precise standards set forth by modern architecture, these windows are a perfect complement to the residential homes of the modern era.
  • Ultimate: Those who take great pride in every detail of window design will find exactly what they want in the Ultimate collection! Extraordinary craftsmanship coupled with a wide variety of customization options will ensure that you get the exact styles and specifications that you’re looking for in a window.

Elevate Collection

The Elevate collection blends the elements of strength, durability and style together seamlessly and makes sure that all three qualities are at their peak. Marvin is the industry leader in fiberglass windows, and one look at this collection should be more than enough to tell you why.

Traditional vinyl and wood composite windows have a tensile strength of around 5-6 units of stress. In comparison, our fiberglass windows have a tensile strength of 42 units! Gone are the worries of peeling and cracking that come with traditional windows – on top of the elegant design choices you’ll find here!

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Essential Collection

Streamlined design options and powerful performance are the two qualities that the Essential Collection exemplifies. The fiberglass windows in this collection are just as powerful and long-lasting as those in the Elevate collection, making them a superior option for braving New England’s unpredictable weather conditions.

Simpler features and clean lines make for easier decision making in this collection, giving your home a sharper appearance without going too over the top. You can choose from a variety of traditional window models and customized shapes to meet your exact specifications!


Install Marvin Windows with US Siding

Getting all of the benefits that Marvin Windows can provide your home means working with a business that Marvin trusts. US Siding is a proud member of the Authorized Replacement Contractor program for Marvin Windows! All of our contractors are trained and certified in Marvin window installation, ensuring that your windows are installed to perfection. Improper installation can lead to a voided warranty, which makes this trait all the more important!

If you’re in need of new windows for your home, get the best options with Marvin Windows and US Siding! Contact us today to transform the quality of your home!

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