Why Replace Your Roof Before Winter?

Replacing your roof is a costly, but very necessary home improvement project that homeowners have to face. If your roof is more than 20 years old, it’s time to start considering a roof replacement. Fall is one of the most popular seasons for roofing contractors, and that’s no coincidence! There’s plenty of good reasons to replace your roof during autumn, so don’t wait around for next spring to improve your home. 

Lower Winter Heating Costs

A new roof will have a big impact on the energy efficiency of your home. Heating a home is hard enough when it’s freezing cold outside, but it becomes almost impossible when cold air is constantly coming in around your outdated roof. A new roof will keep cold air out and warm air in, lowering your winter heating costs. This also helps reduce the wear and tear on your furnace for years to come. 

Ideal Roofing Weather 

Roofing materials don’t perform well in cold weather. Fall really is your last opportunity to replace your roof before it gets too cold! It’s not too hot either, so the roofing contractors’ team will probably complete the project t a little quicker than they would in the middle of summer. 

Warm Weather Storm Damage 

Spring and summer are prone to more thunderstorms and high winds. Those weather conditions wreak havoc on an old roof. By scheduling your roof replacement in the Fall, you’re preparing for winter and repairing warm weather storm damage all at the same time. Your new roof will have plenty of time to settle in before those high winds and heavy rain return again too! 

Protection Against Winter Weather 

Winter weather poses a unique set of risks for your roof. As snow and ice pile up, the weight your roof has to hold quickly adds up. An old roof that has damages that haven’t been repaired may not be Abel to withstand such a heavy load. Even if your roof stays standing, it’s likely to experience water damage and ice dams as the snow begins to melt. A new roof gives you peace of mind knowing that your home will be protected from snow and icefall. Your home will be sealed off from potential pests looking for a warm place to call home to. As we all spend more time indoors trying to stay warm, pests start to do the same. That old, outdated roof is almost sure to have a weak spot they could use as an entry point! 

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