How To Prepare Your Roof For The Upcoming Winter

A close up of a blue multi-story residential home with snow on the roof.

How To Prepare Your Roof For The Upcoming Winter

If you’re a New England homeowner, you’ll know well that winter is a very trying season for your home. There are plenty of problems that have the chance to arise if you don’t properly prepare for them! Not doing a little preparation work before the season starts could lead to costly repairs in the long term, but all of these burdens can be avoided. This is especially the case when it comes to your home’s roof. After all, it’s the best defense between the elements and your home’s foundation! We show you how to prepare your roof for the winter below!

Check Your Attic’s Ventilation

This is a step that most people wouldn’t think to complete at first, but it actually saves you money in more ways than one! Having poor insulation in your attic will cause the heat from your home to escape more easily, making your home much colder. This can lead to either (or both!) of these two costly problems: your home’s heating systems having to do more work, leading to a higher energy bill, or the formation of ice dams on your roof. If you’ve noticed your attic is lacking insulation, get it installed before the temperature drops!

Perform A Roof Inspection

There’s a reason why people say that fall is the best time for a roof inspection! It helps you identify and fix any problems that may arise before the winter months start so you can fix them quickly. Things like broken or missing shingles can lead to bigger issues like pest infestation and strain on your home’s energy systems. By acquiring the services of a professional, you’ll be able to snuff out any issues before they balloon into bigger dilemmas down the road.

Trim The Surrounding Trees

In normal circumstances, the big trees around your home wouldn’t pose much of a threat to it during the winter months. The problem is the leaves and small branches that make up these trees! They can accumulate on your roof and pile into your rain gutters, blocking the safe passage for water to get off of your roof. By trimming these branches before winter, debris won’t pile on your roof as easily.

Roof Installation and Repair With US Siding

Need to make any repairs to your roof before the winter – or just need a new one? US Siding can install roof materials from the most trusted brands in the business! We’ve helped Massachusetts homeowners improve their home’s exteriors for years, and we want to ensure that your home is ready for the worst that New England weather has to offer. To fortify your home before the winter, click here to contact us directly!

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