How To Maintain A Home’s Siding

Cleaning dirty siding

How To Maintain A Home’s Siding

A home’s siding is an essential part of the structure. While often overlooked, siding helps a home withstand brutal outdoor environments. On top of that, siding can offer elegant aesthetics. While siding helps take care of a home, there comes a time when it needs to receive some care too. Here are 5 quality ways to maintain a home’s siding.

1. Inspect It Once A Season

You won’t know if anything is wrong with your home’s siding if you do not take a look at it. It is good practice to take a look at your home’s siding at least once a season. Signs that the siding is off are usually easy to spot. From damage to rotting to missing elements, it does not require a professional eye to spot faulty siding.

2. Be Proactive With Damages

Damage to a home’s siding is usually the result of bad luck, but that is not an excuse to ignore it. Damages to siding will only get worse over time if left untreated. Its always a good idea to check on your siding after a storm to make sure it held up. Storms can cause cracks and rip siding apart.

3. Clean It At Least Twice a Year

Cleaning exterior siding is fairly simple. All it takes to clean off the dirt and dust is water and soap. When you clean your siding a few times a year, you can help it stand out and hold up better.

4. Be Cognizant of Nearby Trees and Branches

Trees and Branches near a home’s siding always pose a threat. Some trees tend to fall down every now and then and even when they don’t, some of their branches will. If any tree looks like it will fall in the future or has too many tree branches, consider getting them cut down. It is not hard to envision what damage a tree falling onto the siding of a home can do.

5. Consider Painting It Every Five Years

After a handful of years, it is only natural that a sidings paint will wear off. Keep in mind that you can always re-paint your siding if it is long overdue or you just do not like the color anymore

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