How To Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Spring

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How To Prepare Your Home’s Exterior For Spring

The winter months are slowly drawing to a close, which means that warmer temperatures and sunny weather are almost here! As is the case with every new season, you’ll need to do some work to prepare your home’s exterior for the changes. Spring cleaning is as important for your home’s exterior as it is for its interior, as it will help to prevent any problems that may arise during the season. How should you go about getting your exterior elements ready for the changing climate? We give you some expert tips below!

Get A Roof Inspection Performed

While the spring months can bring about sunshine and warmer temperatures, it is also well known for the amount of rainfall it generates. With this in mind, you’ll want to make sure your roof is prepared for the challenge! A roof inspection will help you identify any problems that may have arisen during the winter, such as missing shingles, moss growth, and freezing damages. By being proactive, you’ll be able to fix these problems before the worst of the rainfall hits.

Clean Your Gutter Systems

Keeping your gutters free of debris is always important, but the transition from winter to spring may be the most vital time to do so! As the temperatures rise, any snow that accumulated on your roof during the winter will start to melt. If that water has no place to go, the damages will pile up quickly! Take some time between now and the official start of spring to clear out any leaves and other debris that may have piled up during the winter. When the snow melts and the rainfall starts, you won’t have anything to worry about!

Inspect Your Siding For Damages

You might see your siding as a purely decorative piece of your home’s exterior, but it accomplishes so much more than that. It also provides important insulation while preventing annoying pest infestations that could require an exterminator’s aid. Spring tends to be when these pests pop out of the woodwork, so it’s important to inspect your home’s siding ahead of time. You’ll be able to identify any cracks or holes that may have formed during the winter, allowing you to deal with them before things get too hectic.

Roof Repair and Siding Installation with US Siding

Fortifying your home’s exterior against New England’s unpredictable weather conditions requires the assistance of a contractor with vast experience and success in doing so. US Siding and Roofing works with the industry’s top manufacturers of roofing and siding, giving your home the protection it deserves while adding some bonus points to its property value. If your roof has suffered damage from the winter months, we’ll ensure that it returns back to its working order with our roof repair work! To give your home a facelift and extend its lifespan, request a free estimate from us today on our roofing and siding products!

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