Signs of Poorly Installed Windows

Windows with water damage

Signs of Poorly Installed Windows

New windows can do wonders for a home, but unfortunately, they are not always installed correctly. New windows can be a notable investment, so if they do not turn out how you envisioned, you should not just ignore them. If you recently had new windows installed and something about it feels off, you may have hired an unprofessional window company. Windows that are poorly installed usually are not difficult to notice after the installation is complete. Here are three common signs new windows were poorly installed.

#1. Water Damage Coming Through Your Windows

New windows should prevent outside water elements from coming inside your homes. If your new windows are instead inviting water into your homes, you did not get close to what you paid for. A common indicator of whether or not new windows will allow water to seep in is if there are any gaps. If you can spot gaps in your new windows, you can bet water will find a way to get in when presented with the opportunity.

#2. The New Windows Are Not Easy To Open or Close

New windows should offer convenience. If your new windows require a significant effort to open or close, the chances are high they were installed poorly. Along similar lines, if new windows also do not open or close properly, that is another red flag.

#3. An Increase in Your Energy Bill

New windows should lower a home’s energy bill, not raise it. If you notice an increase in your energy bill shortly after the installation of new windows, the new windows probably are not doing their job.

#4. Caulking That Looks Off

Caulking a window serves as a sealant against the gaps between the window frames and the home. When a caulking job is not done right, however, bugs can easily get in, and efficiency will lower.

#5 Uneven Windows

New windows that are uneven windows can be extremely disappointing. Uneven windows will throw off the aesthetic appeal of a home and hold back its potential.

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