Features to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

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Features to Consider When Building Your Dream Home

You are finally at that point where your dream home is about to become a reality. The idea of creating a space that is entirely suited to meet your style, needs, and personality is liberating and give you the power to be creative. With the right budget and imagination and the confidence to take on a thrilling challenge, you can achieve that dream home. So, what exactly do you want in your dream home? This is the overarching question and the decision-making process can be overwhelming. However, if you make your list of desired features, do your homework, do careful planning, you are well on your way. Check out these features to consider when building your dream home.

Home Size 

The biggest factor when it comes to the size of your home is typically your budget. The best place to start is considering your needs or that of your family. The exact square footage that you need for your particular home isn’t something that you can simply imagine and get right. However, if you decide on the exact number of bedrooms, bathrooms, to start, and then all the other rooms(entertainment, living, laundry, office, etc.) that will make life comfortable, you can determine the proper house size. Ask yourself what spaces you need in your home and their function. 

Home Layout 

What tone do you want your home to have? Maybe you want a modern-style home, or something more traditional, transitional, or industrial. The layout of your home helps to determine the tone. For instance, modern designs tend to feature open layouts and wide floor plans as it creates a more welcoming space and freeing atmosphere that fosters breathability and connected interactions. However, you may also prefer a more private environment, like that of a traditional home that offers distinctions between the rooms, for enhanced intimacy and coziness. 

Spacious Master Bedroom

For some folks, the master bedroom is where they like to relax after a long day. With ample space, your master bedroom can provide you with a relaxed and functional atmosphere. What features do you want in your master bedroom? You can elevate your bedroom space with key elements such as a walk-in closet, reading nook, and large dressing room. No master bedroom space is truly complete without a standalone tub and walk-in shower. An expansive master bedroom in your dream home can help to create a beautiful and relaxed environment to chill and rest.

Personalized Storage

When you are building a new home, you have the freedom to personalize your space, and personalized storage is a common feature that’s increasingly desired in a home these days. Built-in storage can be incorporated with your family’s needs in mind. Forget the freestanding shelves that are less stable and opt for built-in cabinets that provide adequate space and better stability, and an easier way to keep things organized and stylish. Some built-ins that you can incorporate in your dream home include, some of the following built-ins: built-in bookshelves for functional storage and displays, benches with hidden storage, and TV and entertainment storage units to hide unsightly cables and wires.

Kitchen Finishes

The hub of the home for many homeowners is the kitchen and what typically makes the space stand out are the types of finishes that are featured. Think of the impression that the right countertop can make, whether it’s granite, marble, or quartz. Still, there are many more features that you can consider for your new home, such as an island with seating, walk-in pantry, breakfast nook, dinette niche featuring beverage storage, under-cabinet lighting. You can personalize the kitchen space based on your preference or desired style. 

Other features that you can consider includes:

  • A home theater or media room
  • An at-home gym 
  • A game room 
  • Smart home technology
  • Outdoor living area

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