Tips on how to make your roof last longer

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Tips on how to make your roof last longer

  • Hire a reliable, qualified roofer to do a good job. They must be insured and have certifications in hand of the products they are installing. US Siding & Roofing is a SELECT Shingle Master by CertainTeed®.

  • Clean your roof periodically to avoid minor damage such as moisture then can be trapped by anything on top of your roof. Keep an eye on your roof and get it inspected by a professional too.

  • Keep your gutters clean. If there is anything blocking your gutters, water won’t be able to flow as it should and that could lead water to find a way through your roof ending up in damage.

  • Be sure to trim any overhanging branches on top of your roof. Branches could cause damage by themselves or let animals to your roof which could also cause damage.

  • Be sure to keep an adequate insulation as it does not only lets you save money but also makes your roof last longer. Trapped air can damage your shingles and make them decay quickly.

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