Garage Ideas Epoxy Coating & Painting

Epoxy Garage

Garage Ideas Epoxy Coating & Painting

Have you ever wondered how your garage could look different after getting back from a long day to work? Garages are the largest rooms at homes and serve multiple purposes other than just to have your car in. If you have ever thought of making it more useful to your needs or for it to look different today is your lucky day because at US Siding & Roofing we got some ideas that might just be good for your garage.

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy coating protects the concrete floor of your garage and makes it have a different look other than the well-known concrete gray color. Epoxy is not a painting on top of the floor but rather a coating that goes on top, a resin. Epoxy does not have to dry like painting, it cures.

Benefits of Epoxy Coating

  • Looks nice
  • Durable an Resilient
  • Affordable
  • Protects from impacts, chipping and chemicals
  • Prevents staining
  • Thicker coating fixes floor imperfections
  • No dust from concrete
  • Longevity


  • Eventually you’ll have to apply a new coat
  • Removal is hard
  • Moisture trapped below the resin once it cures can be a problem
  • Time-consuming application

Garage Cabinets Painting


Besides giving your garage floor a new look you should also consider painting it to make it look better. Interior latex painting is the best paint you can choose when trying to get your garage to look awesome. You can also use oild-based paints but they will require longer to dry and have a stronger smell.

Once you’ve selected the best paint for garage walls and gathered your supplies you’re ready to start painting. The most effective way to paint your garage walls, and ceiling, is to do the following:

  1. Ventilate — Open windows and doors to ensure proper ventilation.
  2. Clean — Clean any dust and clean your walls thoroughly to ensure there won’t be any issue while painting.
  3. Protect — Cover the floor and around the edges of the walls from unwanted paint drops.
  4. Tape — Use painters tape to edge windows and ceiling if you are not painting them. Also cover light switches and outlets.
  5. Prime — Begin priming by edging with a paint brush and painting at least 6 inches from the corners, edges and any trim. Use even strokes and not too much paint. Use a roller for the rest of the wall.
  6. Paint —Once the primer is dry, apply the paint in the same method as you did the primer. Make sure to use long horizontal strokes, starting at the top of the wall and working down. This helps with drips. Use thin coats of paint.
  7. Dry — Let each coat of paint dry before applying the next. Two coats of paint is usually sufficient.
  8. Remove — One the paint is fully dry, remove the painters tape by gently pulling at an angle.
  9. Wipe — Get a damp rag and wipe up any drips while they are still wet. Remove dried drips with an old credit card or spatula.



Garage Storage

Last but not least, once you’ve finished applying epoxy coating to your garage floor and painted the walls and/or ceiling, it’s time to tidy up the rest and what’s a better idea to keep everything organized than some new cabinets! Use every inch of your garage new storage cabinets and shelves, eliminate the clutter and don’t feel embarrased of any mess.

If you feel like your garage deserves a new look don’t hesitate to contact us at US Siding and Roofing 6174675005 or using our contact form

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  1. Epoxy coating protects your garage’s concrete floor and gives it a different appearance than the standard concrete gray. Thank you for sharing!

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