Two exterior changes that will improve the longevity of your home

Two exterior changes that will improve the longevity of your home

With the winter around the corner, homeowners are looking to make changes to add to the overall value and improve the longevity of their homes.

From gutter systems to roofing, clients are often overwhelmed with where to start in their home improvement plan. But updates can be vital, especially if routine maintenance has been less than ideal.

Roofing: More clients are opting to replace their roofs with custom wood shingles, which are time-tested to withstand the elements over the years. In cold, hot and extreme weather, durable wood shingles are a classic choice, particularly cedar would offer great long-term performance as compared to other roofing options. Under normal weather conditions, the average life expectancy of wood shingle roofs are 30 years for cedar and between 50 years. For customers who are concerned with longevity and desire a classic aesthetic, wood singles are a prime roofing choice. The cost is determined by shingles per square, or a hundred square feet and repairs are as easy as replacing damaged shingles. Customers will also save on their energy bills as this type of roofing naturally insulates the home, so thermostats stay balanced.

Siding: When it comes to siding, clients are more likely to consider the look in line with the cost as equally valuable factors. From color to materials, homeowners want to make their homes unique while choosing the best option that will last over the years. Clients can have best cost and best look, as the money-saving trendsetters on the street, when it comes to siding. For color inspiration, customers may look to the Pantone Color of the Year and would also want to consider more neutral and natural colors, calm water tones and wood colors. Wackier or bolder colors are best used as accents on doors or shutters. Wood siding, in addition to reclaimed and other rustic exterior products, is a classic option that pairs well with wood shingles for the roof. Now is the time to look into green, energy-efficient and reclaimed wood offerings to help the client cut costs, decrease their carbon footprint and offer a distinctive aesthetic.

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