5 signs you’re home is ready for New Siding

5 signs you’re home is ready for New Siding

Below we will list a few things that can tell you that your home is ready for a New Siding.

1) Cracked or rotting siding
If you find siding cracks and rotting, take deeper look to see what’s going on. Poke under the siding to see how solid the layer beneath is. If it is soft or you discover more rotting, that’s not good.
2) Bubbles under the siding surface
If you see bubbling under the surface of your siding it’s very likely that water has gotten trapped. Siding is meant to keep moisture away from your home.
3) Mold or mildew
If you find mold or mildew on or under the siding is another sign that water is penetrating the siding. 
4) Needing to paint siding frequently
A good paint job should last anywhere from 8 to 10 years by most experts estimations. If you find yourself needing to paint siding more frequently – say every 3 to 5 years – it may be time for a replacement.
5) Faded siding
All siding has a life expectancy and is formulated to hold color for as long as the advertised or rated by the manufacturer. Severely faded siding should be a sign that the waterproofing element has run its course. This does not mean the siding is completely useless, but it’s just one of the things to watch for.

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