The Purpose of Gutters


When you read that word, what do you think of?

Most people probably think of cleaning them and how unappealing that could be. But I want us to learn something new about these unappreciated items that our homes have.


What’s their purpose?

In basic terms, gutters help protect the foundation of our homes. As rain falls, the gutter system of your home makes sure that the water is properly drained away from the home so that it does not erode your foundation. Depending on your roof, without a proper guttering system, the dripping rain from the roof can also get into windows, doors or the basement, and no one wants that!

So the unappreciated gutters are pretty important.



How are your gutters doing?

Are you noticing that they aren’t draining well lately?

They might need to be cleaned out. Please call a professional to avoid getting injured!


Is there water pooling close to your home during heavy rainfalls?

Have a professional take a look and check if they are properly draining the water.

Are they falling apart?

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