Prepare your home for the Second Snow Storm in less than 7 days…

Prepare your home for the Second Snow Storm in less than 7 days…

  • First and most importantly, as New England residents, it is important to make sure that your Home Insurance Policy covers Siding or Roofing Damage. If you are unsure whether your have that type of protection or not,  a quick call to your agent could save you hundreds of dollars!


  • One more important factor to consider is “SCAMMERS”, yes, watch out for scammers looking to take advantage of these weather conditions. There have been reports of  door-to-door solicitors who solicit work and often have no license or contact information and require high, upfront fees before working. Believe it or not, many people all for it! Don’t give up down payments, deposits to anyone without first verifying they are licensed and insured contractors. BBB if a great source for this kind of information. Their pages should look something like this BBB Profile


  • During the storm last week, many homeowners without generators, found themselves with no power, no heat.
    • Please be cautious, if possible Consider purchasing a generator to provide power during an outage.
    • Consider safe backup heating options such as fireplaces or woodstoves.
    • Have a landline phone with a corded receiver
    • Consider purchasing a portable cel phone charger and make sure its completely charged in case of emergencies.
  • If you are dependent on life-support devices you can always contact the fire department and they can help.


For any life threatening situations please make sure to call the local authorities.


Remember, at US Siding & Construction, we are concerned with local neighbors and the community. If you need help filing or handling a claim with your insurance , we would be happy at no additional costs. For more information please contact us at (617) 467-5005

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