When Should I Replace My Home’s Windows?

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When Should I Replace My Home’s Windows?

Windows are an important part of every home but can often be overlooked by homeowners. A window may look okay on the surface, but if it is damaged or aged out, it can do more harm than good. Below, we will discuss five common instances that indicate you should probably have your windows replaced.

1. Window Is Hard To Open and Close

A window that has become difficult to open and close can be a nuisance. Nobody wants to exert energy opening and closing a window when they should not have to. When a window has become difficult to open and close, it may be time for a new window.

2. Window Is Damaged

Windows can be damaged for a variety of reasons. Once a window is damaged, it will not repair itself on its own. Not only will a damaged window likely get worse, it will also hold back the aesthetics of your home.

3. Experiencing Higher-Energy Bills

Rising energy bills can be frustrating. If your energy bills continue to rise and you are unsure why, examine your windows. Windows are responsible for regulating the temperature inside and out of your home. A drafty window can be the culprit of high energy bills.

4. Current Windows Look Outdated

Windows that were installed decades ago probably do not hold up well against today’s trends. If you are interested in changing the outlook of your home, a good place to start can be with the windows. Getting rid of outdated windows can immediately increase the overall value of your home.

5. Old Age

Finally, even if your windows look okay, nothing can beat time. If your windows have not been replaced in at least 20 years, it may be time to consider window replacements.

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