What Should Homeowners Do Before a Roofing Project Begins?

What Should Homeowners Do Before a Roofing Project Begins?

Getting a new roof can be exciting, but it is not a quick and easy process. Everyone has to do their part, homeowners included. Once a homeowner decides to go through with a roofing project, homeowners should complete a handful of steps before the project starts. Completing these steps will not only prepare the home for the roofing project, but protect it as well. Below, we will explain five things homeowners should take care of before a roofing project kicks off.

1. Have a Plan for Your Kids and Pets

Roofing projects are loud and can easily disturb kids or pets. While in some cases, it is okay to stay in a home during a roofing project, it is always best to have a backup plan in case you and your family need to temporarily go somewhere else.

2. Mow The Lawn

If you have not mowed your lawn in quite some time, there is no better time to do so than right before a roofing project. Having your lawn mowed before the roofing contractors show up will make it easier for them to move around your property. A lawn that is mowed will also make the cleanup process easier. Nails can be hard to see or find if a lawn is not mowed.

3. Park Cars Far Away From The Roof

It is important to keep your car parked far away from the roof for multiple reasons. For starters, this will allow roofing contractors to keep their vehicles as close by as possible and secondly, parking your cars far away from the roof can prevent any damages from happening.

4. Take Care of Outdoor Furniture

Similar to cars, outdoor furniture is susceptible to damage during a roofing project. Either cover up your outdoor furniture or relocate it far away from where the project will take place.

5. Do Not Forget About Your Attic

Your attic is an area that can be the most impacted during a roofing project. Protect any valuable items in your attic and relocate them if need be.

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