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What Can I Do to Protect my Home This Winter?

Your home is a huge investment and just like any other investment, you want to protect it as much as possible. Winter is arguably the harshest season for the exterior of your home and if you don’t actively work to protect your home from harsh winter conditions, some damage is likely to occur. Protecting your home before winter is easier than you’d think! Check out some of these easy ways you can keep your home in good condition all year round. 

Inspect Your Roofing and Siding

Both your roofing and siding are very important to your homes ability to properly heat, cool, and protect everything inside from weather. Each fall take some time to walk around the exterior of your home and inspect your roofing and siding. If you see signs of breakage, bowing, cracking, or missing pieces, hire a professional to get it repaired ASAP. One of the best ways to inspect the integrity of your roof is to look up at it from inside your attic. If there are any areas where light shines through the roof into the attic, a repair is necessary. 

Clean the Gutters

You should clean your gutters twice each year. The end of fall right before winter is a great time to do one of those cleanings. Fall leads to lots of falling leaves that clog up your gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, water pooling on your roof, and leaks that you may not see until spring. Cleaning your gutters is as simple as using a ladder and some gloves to pull out any debris you can find. Then, use a hose to run water through the gutters to look for any clogs that you missed the first time around. Repeat this again in the spring after winter has ended. 

Remove and Prevent Debris on the Roof 

While you have the ladder out, look for sticks, limbs, and other debris on your roof. If debris is left on the roof and then gets buried under snow, it can lead to mold and impact the integrity of the roof. You can also prevent future roof debris by trimming trees back that overhang your roof or gutters. 

Protecting your home during the winter months is easy once you get the hang of it, but there’s no shame in hiring a professional to help out along the way and take a second look to make sure you didn’t miss anything! Contact US Siding and Roofing today to get started.

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