2 myths about roof maintenance you should know about

2 myths about roof maintenance you should know about

Here are 2 myths about roof maintenance that you should know:

MYTH #1: Modern roofs are maintenance-free

That would be nice, wouldn’t it? But, the roof industry isn’t there yet.
Recent advances in materials and application technology have certainly made roofs more efficient and durable, but not maintenance-free.
The fact is that more than 80% of the roofs are replaced prematurely due to a failure to follow a regular maintenance schedule.
The good news is that a proactively-maintained roof has the potential to outlast it’s warranty, that can have an average roof life of  25-30 years minimum compared to 10-13 years with a reactive maintenance program.

MYTH #2: Problems with my roof are covered by materials warranties

Material warranties cover manufacturer material defects, which represents less than 1% of roof failure.
Severe weather and lack of maintenance are the most common causes of roof failure.
Extended or enhanced warranties also do not cover maintenance costs and usually do not cover problems that can arise from neglecting regular maintenance.
Annual or semi-annual inspections help to locate deficiencies so they can be repaired before they become severe enough to allow moisture into the house.
Regular inspections can help identify problems when they’re smaller, less expensive to address, and in time to prevent damage to insulation and decking.

2 thoughts on “2 myths about roof maintenance you should know about”

  1. Roof maintenance ensures that your home remains strong and is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions over the rest of the year. That is why it is essential to perform roof maintenance regularly to avoid future damage that will cause harm and will make you spend a lot of money on repairs. Thank you for sharing this helpful blog.

  2. If you want to extend the life of your roof and get the most out of your investment, proper roof maintenance is critical. Unfortunately, there are quite a few myths and misconceptions out there about roof maintenance that make it hard for homeowners to know the best way to take care of their roof. Luckily, there are articles like this dispel a few of the myths. Thanks for sharing!

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