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Siding is a hugely important aspect of any home, so maintaining it is just as important. Your siding is hugely essential against the elements and makes a huge impact on your home’s appearance. Regular maintenance can make your siding last longer. No matter what style of siding you have, it’s essential to ensure that it’s protecting your home. When maintenance isn’t enough, you’ll have the option to paint, replace, or clean your siding. Continue reading to learn whether you should paint, replace, or just simply clean your home’s siding

When to Clean Siding

If your home’s siding is relatively new and not cracked or chipped, you may just need a thorough washing for your siding. Depending on the area that you live in, you may get more pollen or dirt on your home and require more cleaning. Make sure to remove moss to prevent the growth of mold. You can pressure wash your home yourself or hire contractors to do it, but it’s a job that can be done quickly and affordably. 

When to Paint

Depending on your home’s siding material, painting can be a great option to revitalize your home. If your siding is wood or another material that you can paint, you can spruce up your home with a fresh coat. Consider the climate that you live in when selecting paint, make sure that it’s rated to handle New England weather. Paint on metal siding typically fades while wood siding paint typically chips. Vinyl siding is a material that should most often be replaced.

When to Replace

Most commonly, homes in New England require full siding replacements or repairs. The climate is tough on home siding and often leads to cracks, tears, and mold. Vinyl siding is one of the most popular siding options used today but isn’t often able to be painted. Homes in Massachusetts require increased durability and toughness. Fiber cement and composite siding are newer options that have become popular for their longevity. If you opt for vinyl siding, make sure that you opt for a high-quality option to avoid cracking and chipping associated with cheaper brands.

Siding is a massively important aspect of your home that shouldn’t be overlooked. It helps make sure that the rest of your home stays dry and helps you avoid costly repairs down the line. Contact our team at US Siding and Roofing today to learn more about our siding services. We offer vinyl siding, fiber cement, and composite siding to offer homeowners the perfect option.

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