Preparing Your Home for the Spring

Preparing Your Home for the Spring

This guide is a helpful tool in preventing any damage to your house during springtime. As we bid farewell to the gloves and hats, the springtime welcomes us with warm temperatures and cozy breezes. Along with spring cleaning, it is essential to look after your house as well.

Particularly, there are some maintenance and preparing tips to suit your house for this spring. Without any further ado, let’s learn those few ways.               

How to Prepare Your Home for Spring?

Work on Your Windows

Don’t feel like re-opening those windows after a chilly season? Well, at least start replacing those storm windows with the normal sunny day screens. Clear out any debris and clean off the dust that may have gathered in the windows panels as well.

House Siding Cleaning

In order to preserve the aesthetic and beauty of your house, you can choose to flush and clean the siding. Essentially, this removes all the dirt, germs, and bacteria that could have accumulated during the harsh weather. Consequently, you can also prevent the growth of fungi such as molds or mildew.

Add Curtains

Try adding curtains that can add to the décor of your house that matches the springtime vibe. For example, choose quality blinds that let sunlight in abundantly but at your convenience. Apart from that, choose lively, light, and warm colors to reflect this time of year.

Inspect your HVAC system

Reports suggest that ~90% of households in the US possess an HVAC system. Therefore, there is a high chance that this tip caters to you. Start setting up inspections of your HVAC or AC system in order to detect any faults or errors. Furthermore, clear out any twigs and dust from the filtration systems, which can hamper its performance.

You should also replace the air filter of your HVAC or AC system before the heat strikes. Hence, regular inspections in accordance with timely filter changes can provide lower electric bills.

Roof and Gutters

Let’s not forget the roofs and the gutter lines of your house. Make sure to clear out any unexpected gravel, grain, or other sorts of blockages from your house’s gutter. Hose it down with pressure (not too much) to ensure a quality flow without and blockages.

Besides that, inspect your roof appropriately. Remember, exterior along with interior roof inspections are critical to ensure your house’s safety and functionality. Due to the harsh weather conditions, it is highly probable that the roof may have suffered extensive damage and deterioration.


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