Let’s talk about some options to consider when choosing new windows for your home

Let’s talk about some options to consider when choosing new windows for your home

There’s a lot more to windows than just glass. Color, hardware, grids and trim all make a big difference for both your curb appeal and your interior design.
It starts with a choice of materials. Wood and vinyl windows both come in a variety of operating styles like double hung and casement, among others. Once you know what type of window you are replacing, you can explore what color options you would like. Keep in mind that there are interior and exterior colors to consider. Think about how the exterior color of your new window will complement your siding and roof design, or how the interior color goes with wall color and furnishings. Your window hardware may come in a variety of finishes depending on the window you’ve chosen. Consider, just like the interior window color, how the hardware will match your style and décor.
The next step is deciding on a grid style and configuration. The style refers to how the grid is applied to the window. You can choose grids between glass which are widely popular because they keep the glass easy to clean. Traditionalists tend to prefer simulated divided lites which recreates the look of how windows used to be made with individual panes of glass. Then there’s grid configuration, that when choosing Harvey’s products, they offer customized grid patterns with Colonial and Prairie styles being the most popular. For the minimalists, you can go grid-free for unobstructed views.
Interior and exterior window trim is another important factor. Trim adds a bit of architectural detail and creates the perfect finishing touch your home deserves.
Although the choices may seem overwhelming, the little details are a big part of your overall window renovation.

We definitely can help you explore your options when dreaming up your perfect design!

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