Is it Time for New Siding on My Home?

Is it Time for New Siding on My Home?

When you look at your house from the outside, the first thing that you notice is your siding. Why if this is the case do so many homeowners overlook this aspect of their house? We don’t know, but we do know that there are signs that it may be time for you to replace your siding completely so you don’t run into any long-term problems.

1. Blisters or bubbles forming on your siding: 

This is a major red flag if you start to notice any bubbles or blisters forming. This usually means that there is a moisture problem and the siding is not working properly.

2. Cracked or Warped Siding: 

These two signs may be the easiest to notice and may be that your siding is too damaged to even repair. Even a small crack here to there often lead to much bigger problems down the road.

3. Frequent Painting Needed: 

If you have wood siding and you have to paint it every couple of years up to 5-6 years, that means that there is probably something wrong with the siding. You should only have to paint your siding every 8-10 years. Painting this often can also be expensive when you can get new siding that doesnt need this frequent of treatment or any painting at all!

4. Energy Bills Soaring: 

It’s true that if your energy bills are rising, it could be a whole bunch of reasons. From your windows to your insulation but also it could be because of your siding. Not matter what you do, if your energy bills are rising, have someone take a look and get down to the reason why.

If you are interested in new siding, it is important to realize that there are a bunch of options out there now. There is more than just your typical wood and vinyl siding, so we recommend that everyone explores all the options so they get exactly what fits their wants and needs.

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