How to Spot Roof Damage from Your Attic?

How to Spot Roof Damage from Your Attic?

Contrary to popular belief, spotting damage or deterioration on your roof is a difficult task. Of course, you cannot ignore the importance of a robust “roof over your head.” The type of material, construction, and weather conditions in the region are key features that affect your roof’s lifespan.

But there’s no definite way to determine that your roof will last. Hence, you have to keep a pattern and routine of checking the structure of your house, primarily your roof. But how do you do that?

Common Misconception

A common misconception of spotting roof damage pertains to exterior inspections. You may think that standing outside your house and taking a detailed look at your roof will give you an idea of your roof’s condition. Rather, you may even use a ladder to closely inspect the condition of your roof.

However, it is not entirely valid. The interior of your home’s roof can tell you as much as the exterior can, if not more! Hence, you must learn how to spot roof damage from your attic.

Spotting Roof Damage from Your Attic


If you can notice small leakages around the house, it’s likely due to a deteriorated roof. For example, wood chipping, splinters, and sagging are signs that your roof is growing weak. It’s best to opt for repairs at this stage than to wait for major leaks.


Consequently, when you are in your attic, look for molds or mildew growth on wood or sides of the roof’s interior. This can alert you that your roof is growing weaker.


Consider inspecting your roof flashings via the attic. If you find any degenerating flashes, it’s time to call in professional home interior services before you suffer from major leaks and water damage.

 Electricity Bills                                                                                          

Confused? Well, an attic plays a crucial role in maximizing your home’s energy efficiency. Excessive use of the heating or cooling system in your home may indicate a leaking or cracked roof. Furthermore, these minor cracks can lead to the deterioration of the home structure. So keep an eye out.


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