How Marvin Windows Are Made

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How Are Marvin Windows Made?

Having your windows be the most reliable, effective, and energy-efficient options on the market is no easy accomplishment! It takes a lot of testing, thought, and patience to make the most trusted windows in the industry. Marvin Windows is a shining example of the best of these aforementioned traits, but how did they get to be that way? Read on to learn more about the process behind constructing Marvin Windows!

Marvin Windows Relies On Its Workers

The team at This Old House visited Marvin’s main headquarters in Warroad, MN to get an idea of exactly how the process of making Marvin Windows works. When they got there, they noticed something particularly interesting: while the factory had plenty of highly advanced machines, there were no robot workers. The Marvin Windows headquarters is populated with the best and brightest in the window making industry, and one look at their process will tell you why. Every employee at Marvin Windows has the quality of their Windows in mind before anything else. 


Throughout every stage of manufacturing, it looked like they were inspecting the windows for imperfections. This was true from every stage of development all the way to the shipping department! What separates Marvin from the competition is their unrelenting commitment to delivering the highest quality to their customers. When something comes out of their factory, you can guarantee that it’s of excellent quality!

The Process Of Making Marvin Windows

There are four main parts of the process of building Marvin windows, each imbued with the love and care you can expect from the nation’s top window manufacturers. Check out the different steps of the process of making Marvin windows below!

  • Casing: Marvin Windows start with casing, which revolves around assembly of the window frame. During this process, individual pieces of lumber move through a conveyor belt, where sensors examine its qualities and determine what dimensions it should be cut to. It moves to a quality check afterwards, and the data for each piece is stored away for statistical control of each piece.
  • Sanding: As they put it on the This Old House tour, this is an area where there’s virtually no room for compromise! This is comprised of two functions, each of which are very important: the autosander, which automatically creates the vivid patterns you see on window frames, and workers who create the patterns that are too complex for machines to assemble.
  • Glazing: Years of technology and expertise go into the glazing station at Marvin windows, using a combination of silicone and aluminum padding to get the seal just right. They always put in more silicone than they might need – after all, it’s better to overdo it than underdo it!


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US Siding and Roofing is a proud Authorized Replacement Contractor for Marvin windows. This is by far their toughest certification to get, as only a handful of contractors in the country received it. We install the perfectly crafted windows from Marvin with an equal level of care and attention to ensure that you have the best windows for your home. Contact us today to be met with the amazing quality and attention to detail from Marvin Windows!

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