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If there’s one thing that Reading’s residents should be well familiar with by now, it’s a term we all know: New England weather! Especially in recent years, the climate in the area has become notorious for being unpredictable. Fluctuating temperatures and sudden inclement weather can put your home’s exterior through the ultimate tests of strength and endurance! Do they have the exterior components needed to pass? If you moved to Reading a long time ago and aren’t entirely sure of the ages of your roofing, siding, and windows, now is the time to find them out! They play a big role in your home’s ability to fight off severe storms and maintain energy efficiency for the lowest cost. If either of these traits is lacking, it takes a proven and dedicated exterior remodeling team to set them straight. When you work with US Siding and Roofing, this is the exact type of quality you can come to expect!

Install, Repair, or Replace Your Roof in Reading, MA

While your roof adds an appealing aesthetic to how your home looks from the curb, this is far from its most important function! Your roof is the ultimate line of defense between your home and the elements. Its ability to stand up to severe weather conditions can mean the difference between thousands of dollars in water damage and a cozy evening on the couch during a thunderstorm. Top-quality roofing manufacturers like CertainTeed can make all the difference here! Their asphalt shingles are among the best in the business, but the contractors you pick to install them will determine how well they work. US Siding and Roofing has received CertainTeed’s highest honor as Select Shinglemasters, so you can always count on us for flawless roof installation! We can even inspect your roof after a bit of bad weather, taking care to find and repair even the tiniest of imperfections with it. Your roof’s health is critical to your wallet, safety, and your home’s foundation. Put it in the best possible hands when you call (617) 944-5378 for our library of residential and commercial roofing options!

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Siding Replacement & Repair in Reading, MA

Did you know that siding creates a barrier of insulation for your home? Think about this the next time you get your heating bills during the winter! The best siding materials will be adept at keeping the chilly – or toasty – outside temperatures at bay. This can make a significant difference in how much your utility bills cost on a monthly basis! You don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount of money to operate your home, so upgrading your siding should be at the top of your consideration list. US Siding has a wide variety of high-quality siding materials from manufacturers that are household names. It’s no secret that installing new siding can make a difference in your home’s property value. When you work with the siding professionals at our company, we’ll ensure this difference is significant! We can take even the most tattered of homes and make them appear as if they were constructed last week. Contact us today if any of our vast catalog of siding options piques your interest!

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Window Installation & Interior Painting Services in Reading, MA

Arguably the biggest impacting factor for your home’s energy efficiency is your windows. If you’ve ever had old or drafty windows, you’ll know exactly why that is! If your home’s windows are suffering from either of these problems, don’t even bother trying to repair them. Getting efficient replacements installed will always be the best course of action! As Authorized Replacement Contractors for an industry leader in Marvin Windows, we’re one of only a handful of contractors in the country that are qualified to expertly install them. With a variety of different collections to choose from, we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect fit for your Reading home! We can also provide you with flawless interior and exterior painting services to give your property a fresh appearance. Give us a call today to change your home for the better!


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When you work with the roofing and siding contractors at US Siding, you’ll be working with a team that fully understands the challenges of New England’s weather. Over our decades of operation, we’ve helped Reading homeowners save money on utility bills while improving their homes’ property value and performance. We’d be happy to achieve the same results for you – click here to contact us directly and get started!

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