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US Siding & Construction is happy to provide all of our customers with our reliable and trusted metal roofing installations. Our skilled roofers and high quality roofing materials ensures that your metal roofing will look beautiful and will protect your for a very long time. Whether you are new to metal roofing or already know about it, please explore some of its benefits below and reach out to our team for questions about how we can help you!

At US Siding & Roofing, we are certified installers of both Drexel and CertainTeed Metal Roofing products!

Aesthetically Pleasing

 A new metal roof or a metal roof accent in your home will upgrade the entire look or not only your home but also bring in a great curb appeal to your neighborhood. There are many color options to choose from and many designs such as mimiquing traditional slate as well as tile roofing

Weather Resistant

Never worry about replacing your roof again! Despite the inclement weather a state like Massachusetts can experience year round, metal roofing can handle it well. Even with constant rainfall and snowstorms in any given year, the expected lifespan of metal roofs is around  70 years with proper installation. At USSC, Our team of experts are 100% certified to include all manufacturing requirements that will deliver that expectation. On top of that, this is not our teams first rodeo. We have been installing roofs since 2006 and no challenge is too big for our team! 

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency is invaluable to every property. The less energy a property has to use, the more money that can be saved. Not to mention, less energy usage is better for the environment. In a state like Massachusetts, many homeowners rely on high energy consumption rates. With a metal roof, homeowners will likely need to rely on using natural energy less. This is due to metal roofs providing a cooler climate in the warm months, and more insulation against the cold during the colder months.

Metal roof

Resistant Against Mold

Mold is something no home owner wants to see or deal with but is sometimes inevitable. With Metal Roofs, it is extremely unlikely mold develops due to metals material. Metal roofs are significantly more resistant to mold growth comparedto othe roofing options. With a metal roof intact, you have the luxury of not having to worry about mold growing on your roof.


Last, but certainly not least, the metal roofs our team can install can last a lifetime! Metal roofs are strong, durable and can be counted on to hold up against the tough New England climates. A metal roofs strength is what often separates it from other roofing types. While other roofing types are susceptible to bugs and animals breaking through, it is extremely difficult for anything to break through a metal roof If you want a roof that can last for many decades, you cannot go wrong with a metal roof!
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Excellent customer service and the job was well done. We did a colonial home over in a gorgeous gray with new black shutters. They stayed in touch with us the whole time and updated us through out the process I would recommend this company to any friends or family. “Gee” was specifically great to work with.

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