Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Your Roof

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Why Fall is a Great Time to Replace Your Roof

During fall, the weather is pleasant and not too hot; that makes it a great time to replace your roof. During this time of the year, many busy contractors will be getting relieved of their summer work and be interested in getting a few more done before winter sets in. with snow coming up in a few weeks, getting your roof done in fall is the best options.

Let’s look at some more reasons why fall is the best time to get a new roof.

It is the Best Time to Assess Damage

Spring and summer are periods of the year that are often accompanied by severe weather conditions that cause major harms to the roof. And fall presents the right time to access these damages.

During the winter months, rain and snow slow down roofing work, but the autumn months are a deal for that. Quality will not be impacted and no rain to cause delays.

Present the perfect conditions

Temperate temperatures are best for roof installing, especially in the thermal sealing of asphalt shingles. They ensure that they adhere to the roof firmly. Fall also has cooler temperatures making it easy for professionals to work on the roof.

Provides time for proper sealing

New shingles usually need time to bond to the roof perfectly before wet winter weather sets in. Getting your roof done or repaired during fall gives the shingles the time needs. This also helps to keep your home well insulated from moisture and cold temperatures.

Snow is coming 

A house roof has a certain amount of snow it can take, but if you have an aging roof, winter storm can cause a lot of damage than you imagine. If your shingles are already weak, then you could be dealing with tie-ins and overload roof flashing.

If your roof has damage underneath the shingles during fall, the professional you employ can repair that quickly. He will also be able to help you stop some initially negligible damages from getting worse.

Waiting for the wintertime because of the reduced fee before getting your roof done is suicidal. Snow can find its way underneath your shingles; it then gets heated up, and water finds its way into the house. You definitely don’t want this to happen.


Before winter is the right time to get your roofing done, the weather is great, and you don’t have to deal with brittle shingles that are common during winter. Contact US Siding and Roofing today if you’re in need of roofing services.

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