What is Wood Siding?

Wood siding is one of the most popular siding materials in Massachusetts that homeowners love. Made from cedar, wood siding provides a natural look and feel that has become extremely popular. Other siding materials do a great job looking like cedar but there is nothing like the real thing! Cedar siding also comes in a couple different ways from shakes to clapboard. We often install the most clapboard around a whole house or clapboard on the front of the house and shingles on the side and on the back. 

Wood Siding has a wide range of benefits including:

Is Wood the Right Choice For You?

After speaking with US Siding, we can direct you to choose a siding material that fits your personal wants and needs. If you are looking for the authentic look and feel of wood siding, there are other materials but there is nothing that will directly match wood. Wood is also very durable, long-lasting and a beautiful solution. 

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