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When you consider your home’s appearance, certain elements make it stand out more than others. Out of all of these components, none have a more significant impact than your siding! Well-maintained and newer siding makes any home look like it was just recently constructed. However, your siding isn’t immune to being damaged. When the destruction starts to pile on, it can have a serious impact on both your home’s appearance and performance. It could even lead to increases in your energy bills during the winter months! If you can tell that your siding is damaged, getting it repaired quickly will help eliminate both of these problems. When you work with the siding contractors at US Siding, your home will be in the best possible hands!

What Types Of Siding Damage Can US Siding Repair?

Because of the constant exposure to New England’s unpredictable weather elements, your siding will always be taking a beating. If you have strong siding types like the fiber-cement siding from James Hardie, your home will be much better equipped to withstand them. However, that doesn’t mean that your siding is indestructible! We can repair any weather-related or pest-related types of siding damage, including:

  • Warped or cracked boards
  • Pest infestations
  • Buckling
  • Moisture damage
  • Faded or peeling paint
  • Improper installation
  • & So Much More!

If any of these issues are plaguing your home’s siding, don’t hesitate to get them repaired. Give us a call at (617) 958-7723 today to get them repaired!

What Signs Of Siding Damage Warrant A Repair Call?

Having a small crack in one of your soffit boards isn’t the biggest issue to worry about. What does constitute a problem is damage that is more extensive – and more ghastly to look at! General wear and tear may not be enough to warrant a full repair call. However, any of these signs can point you to more serious, underlying problems with your siding. Give us a call if you’ve walked around your property and noticed any or more of the following signs:

  • Paint that is dull or peeling
  • Mold or mildew growing
  • Stains or streaks from moisture damage
  • Loose boards
  • Shrinking or missing caulk
  • Exorbitant energy bill costs
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Choose US Siding For Comprehensive Siding Repair Work in Sudbury & Beyond

Bad installation is one of the most common problems with a home’s siding. To ensure that you aren’t plagued by this issue and the other ailments that can follow from a bad repair, only the most trusted siding contractors will be the right fit for the job. US Siding has earned many awards and positive reviews for our stellar siding installation and repair work! We work with only the most experienced and proven siding manufacturers in the business, and we’ll have the tools and experience necessary to identify and eliminate any type of siding damage. Preserve your home’s appearance when you contact our team today!

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