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Your home’s roofing, siding, and windows won’t last forever! Depending on how old your property is, you may be spending more money than you need to keep these old elements up. Older or improperly installed roofing can give way to water damage, bad siding can drive down your home’s property value, and poor windows can be a huge pain point on your monthly energy bills. Do you know what all of these problems have in common for Marlborough homeowners? They don’t have to last forever! US Siding and Roofing works with roofing and siding manufacturers with the same goal as you – to ensure that your property’s performance and aesthetics are in the best possible place! Read on to learn about how US Siding can help your Marlborough property achieve these ideals!

Siding Installation in Marlborough, MA

The right siding can make a world of difference for your home’s appearance. What’s a potential homebuyer going to like more: a house with worn and decrepit siding or a house with siding that looks like it hasn’t aged a day? US Siding has the materials you need to help your home’s appearance align with the latter! We work with top siding manufacturers like James Hardie, CertainTeed, and Wolf to ensure that your home looks as best as it can for prospective buyers. Our siding doesn’t just do that, either; it even offers valuable protection from birds, rodents, and other pests – as well as valuable insulation to drive down your home’s energy bill costs! Contact us today to give your siding’s performance and appearance a significant boost!

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Roofing Installation & Repair in Marlborough, MA

Especially since New England weather is famed for its chaos and unpredictability, having the right roofing materials to shield against these elements is more important than ever! US Siding offers a variety of types of roofing replacement services for residential and commercial properties in Marlborough. Regardless of the slope, size, or scale of your roof, we’ll ensure that its fortifications are at their strongest! Has your roof been damaged by a severe storm or other issue? It’s important to get it both inspected and repaired in a timely manner – both services that US Siding offers to Marlborough homeowners! If you suspect that your roof may be at the end of its life or otherwise compromised, don’t leave it up to chance. Contact US Siding today to give your roof the protection it deserves!

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Painting Services & Window Installation in Marlborough, MA

Boosting your home’s property value and performance involves more than just replacing your siding! The quality of your interior and exterior painting plays a big role as well. US Siding provides comprehensive interior and exterior painting services to Marlborough homeowners, ensuring your property looks brand new regardless of its age! Not only do your windows play another big part in property value, but they can also significantly affect your energy bill. We’re one of only a handful of Authorized Replacement Contractors for Marvin Windows in the country, ensuring that when you come to us for window replacement, you’ll get the most talented installation and manufacturers that money can buy!


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US Siding has all of the tools you need to decrease your energy bills while increasing your home’s performance, property value, and appearance! To get all of these benefits for your Marlborough property in one comprehensive package, click here to contact us directly!

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