Roofing Contractors in Dover, MA

Asphalt Roofing Contractors in Dover, MA

US Siding & Roofing is proud to provide the town of Dover, MA with our expert roofing services. Dover is a Norfolk County town in Massachusetts that is home to about 6,000 residents. It has long been considered one of the most wealthy communities in the state full of beautiful homes as it requires over 1 acre of land to build a home in the town. Dover is nestled on the south banks of the Charles River, only 15 miles outside of Boston. The schools in Dover as also some of the top performers in the state in terms of test results. Dover is one of the most desirable places to live in Massachusetts and a place we love to work. Read more about our roofing services in Dover below.

Roof Replacement in Dover, MA

A new roof is always one of the best investments that you can in your home. It plays such an important role in keeping the weather at bay, your home dry, and looking beautiful. The roof is so important for preserving the home and helping make it more valuable.

We’re the top roof replacement contractors in Dover, MA specializing in asphalt, metal, and rubber roofing. Each of these is well equipped to protect your home in Dover for many years. We’ve been a leading local roofing contractor since 2006.

Asphalt shingles are the top choice for homeowners in Dover specifically. They are excellent for their durability in the climate but also because of their style. We work with the top-rated shingle manufacturer in the country; Certainteed because their shingles are the supreme blend of aesthetics and performance. Contact the US Siding & Roofing team in Dover, MA for a roof replacement quote today.

Roof Repair in Dover, MA

Another top service of ours at US Siding & Roofing is roof repair. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners throughout Massachusetts quickly when they’re in need. Our highly trained professionals can quickly assess the cause of leaks or damage and diagnose the proper solution to keep your home dry and safe. We can help if another roofing contractor did a poor quality replacement in the past. The shingles we install are meant to last and our techniques are proven. Contact US Siding & Roofing in Dover for a roof repair estimate now.

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The US Siding & Roofing team is glad to provide Dover, MA residents with our roof replacement & repair services. We also offer siding replacements, window installation, and much more. Contact our crew today to schedule a quote. 


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