Roofing Contractors in Concord, MA

Roofing Contractors in Concord, MA

Our US Siding & Roofing team is glad to offer Concord residents our top-rated roof replacement & repair services. Concord is a Middlesex County town that is well known for early American Revolution battles. The town is home to about 18,500 residents today while still paying homage to its roots. Now, it’s a popular destination for tourists interested in history but also a beautiful bedroom community for Boston professionals. Concord is also known for its progressive politics and eco-friendly residents. We love helping people in Concord keep their homes beautiful with our roofing services; read below for more info.

Roof Replacement in Concord, MA

The roof of a home is crucial for protecting a home and keeping it safe from the top down. It’s probably your home’s most invaluable asset, so it only makes sense to trust the job to an experienced roofing team. 

Our US Siding & Roofing team is one of the leaders in Concord, providing replacements with long-lasting shingles. We primarily install asphalt shingles from CertainTeed & GAF in Concord because of their exquisite blend of style and performance. For homes in Concord, asphalt shingles are a terrific choice. 

We also offer rubber and metal roof replacements in Concord, MA, for both homes and businesses. The right roof can help your home’s exterior and improve the value of your home. Our experts will make recommend the longest-lasting material for your specific situation. All of our roof installations come with long-lasting warranties. Contact our expert roofers in Concord, MA today for a roof replacement quote. 

Roof Repair in Concord, MA

Another of our top services at US Siding & Roofing in Concord, MA, is roof repair. Not every home that we’re called to needs a total roof replacement; sometimes, damage from trees and weather leads to the need for a roof replacement. We only work with the best shingle manufacturers, so we can find a perfect match for a seamless repair. 

Whenever we come out to a home, the job begins with a thorough inspection to diagnose the proper solution for your roof. Contact our team in Concord, MA, for a roof repair today

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Our team at US Siding & Roofing is committed to helping Concord residents improve the exterior of their homes with our award-winning services. In addition to roofing, we also provide Concord residents with our siding services, windows installations, and more. We’re your one-stop shop for all things exterior remodeling in Concord. Contact us for a no-risk estimate



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