Outdoor Spring Maintenance Tips

Even though we got hit by a Nor’Easter today, it was 70 degrees a few weeks ago and spring is right around the corner. With spring time comes warmer weather and more time spent outside which means cleaning up the yard and making home improvements. One thing that people often overlook is house maintenance. To make sure that your house is in tip-top shape come the rainy season be sure to follow these important maintenance tips.

Check the Gutters: With all the heavy snow and ice build up, your gutters are under an extreme amount of stress during the winter. Look for any loose or leaky gutters as improper drainage can lead to water leaking through your roof, basement or crawl space. Be sure as well that your downspouts drain away from the foundation.

Roof Shingles Examination: Wind, snow, ice and rain seems to be a weekly occurrence during the winter and can really take a beating on the quality of your roof. Walk around your yard and see if any roof shingles are lost, damaged, cracked, buckled or loose. Any of these problems can lead to roofing and leakage problems.

Overgrown Trim: Tree limbs can get torn down during the winter due to heavy snow. When spring comes along check the position of all your tree branches to make sure they aren’t hanging over your roof. Trim branches 5-7 feet away from your house so they don’t fall on you roof and also to discourage animals to making their way into your attic.

Clean/Paint Siding: Most siding solutions take years to get dirty but the spring season is the perfect time to clean them if you have noticed an issue. If you have James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding that is over 10 plus years old you can power wash it to make it look brand new. If you have wood siding, think about giving it a new paint job if the paint has started to chip.

Keeping your house in working order all starts with proper maintenance. Your home features will last longer and you’ll save money in the long run by need less replacements and larger repairs. For more information on any siding or roofing work please feel free to contact the specialists at US Siding & Construction. We can be reached over the phone at 617-467-5005 or through our online contact form.

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