Storm Damage Insurance Claims in Sudbury, MA

US Siding Can Help You Assemble & File An Insurance Claim

The worst-case scenario is something that nobody wants to have happen to them. Unfortunately, someone has to draw the short stick in these situations! In the event that the chaotic weather conditions that New England is notorious for hit your area, you never want to be the one whose home is damaged by the onslaught. In the event that this does happen, it’s important to get the necessary repairs performed quickly – and for the least amount of money possible! The best way to ensure that your wallet isn’t compromised is to file a claim with your insurance company for the damages. However, this process is much easier said than done. The talented contractors at US Siding & Construction can take this complicated process and make it much simpler – so you can get your home’s exterior in order without breaking the bank!

What Can US Siding Do To Assist With Storm Damage Insurance Claims?

In the event that your home is hit by a bout of severe weather, time is of the essence. The longer you leave the damaged parts of your home’s exterior unrepaired, the more your home’s exterior is compromised! Severe weather doesn’t wait for you to make the appropriate repairs, so it’s important to both assess the situation quickly and ensure that your finances don’t take a huge hit. Here are some of the things we can help assist you with during the insurance claim filing process:

  • Roof Inspection & Damage Assessment: Before you can go and file an insurance claim, you should have a good idea of the extent of damages suffered. We’ll inspect your roof, siding, and gutters to see just what kind of damage was done, taking photos to submit as evidence for your insurance provider.
  • Filing The Claim: US Siding can even help you with filing the claim! We’ll use the photos and inspection we performed to give the claim additional strength. The company will likely send someone to your home to assess the damages themselves, and we’ll be there to help assist with that process as well.
  • Storm Damage Repairs: The adjuster will provide an estimate for the cost of repairs – all of which we’ll be happy to take on! We’ll ensure that your home’s exterior has everything it needs to remain uncompromised by severe weather.
  • After The Repairs: You’ll need to provide proof of the job’s completion to your insurer, which we’ll be happy to help fill out! Once all is said and done, you’ll have a sturdy roof without a significant blow to your finances.

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The talented roofing and siding contractors at US Siding know better than anyone that the inclement weather conditions posed by New England can wreak considerable havoc on a property. We’ll ensure that your home has everything it needs to both look its best and perform at its best, working with some of the most trusted manufacturers and contractors in the industry to give your home the best protection it can get. Don’t feel lost and alone when trying to file a storm damage insurance claim! Contact US Siding today to make this complicated process seamless!

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