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Asphalt roofing shingles are the number one roofing material used in the United States today. They’re so popular because of their durability and classic look. They do well in all seasons, being energy-efficient and resistant to impact & moisture. This is the most common roofing type for residential and commercial building alike.

Our team at US Siding & Construction uses CertainTeed asphalt roofing shingles for our installations. They’re a brand that we trust for homeowners because of their stellar reputation and proven durability.


High Quality Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer

CertainTeed is the leader in the building materials industry in the United States. And when it comes to their roofing products, it’s no different. We work with CertainTeed’s shingles because they’re long-lasting and come in a huge array of colors and styles. 

Asphalt roofing is so popular throughout New England because of its durability and impact resistance. Their shingles are heavier than the average, which may sound like a bad thing, but it helps them protect your home. They aren’t too heavy, though, especially when they’re installed by a trusted roofing contractor. The fiberglass-reinforced construction repels moisture naturally.  The design capabilities of asphalt shingles can match any style of home. They provide a complementary look to your siding and the rest of your exterior.

CertainTeed Roofing Options

The most popular roofing shingle that CertainTeed & US Siding offer is the Landmark shingle. It’s dual-layered designed helps protect your home but gives a layered look, too. Landmark shingles help give you confidence and peace of mind that your home looks excellent and is also well protected. 

CertainTeed Select Shinglemaster

At US Siding & Construction, we are CertainTeed Select ShingleMasters; this means that we are certified to install CertainTeed Roofs. It also means we can offer extended warranty coverage to homeowners. Through training and continued education, we’re proud to have earned this accreditation.
CertainTeed’s shingles are naturally fire and wind-resistant, and they have a great ability to stand up to New England winters. The selection of styles and colors that we offer sets us apart from the competition. If you’re looking for a high-end, yet affordable option asphalt shingles from CertainTeed are a tremendous choice.

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