Certainteed Asphalt Roofing Styles

One of the reasons that CertainTeed is a leader in asphalt roofing is because of the wide varieties of shingle options and colors they produce. All of their shingles are designed to meet high standards of home protection. After all, it covers the majority of your home. It needs to perform well and needs to look nice too. No matter your needs, there is a CertainTeed Shingle option for you.

Landmark Roofing Shingle

Reliability is critical when it comes to your roof, and that’s a hallmark of the Landmark shingle. Popular in New England for their double-layered design that’s able to mimic classic wood shake roofing. These shingles are heavyweights; they’re sturdy, so you can trust them to protect your home through storms.
Whether you want to protect your classic home with a durable option or to give your home an entirely new look, there is an option in the Landmark line that can help make your home beautiful. There’s no sacrifice on durability for style withe Landmark shingles, plus they’re affordable as well.

Landmark Pro Roofing Shingle

Landmark Pro shingles take the strength of Landmark shingles to the next level. They provide homeowners with enhanced durability. There are even more colors available to homeowners interested in the pro option. It’s a premium shingle option for a reasonable price. The marriage of durability and beauty is the main feature of Landmark Pro shingles.
shinglesThe construction of these shingles is designed to fight against streaks and stay looking new years after installation. Pro shingles provide more vibrant colors, so if your home offers a unique look, they’re a tremendous option. The dual-layered engineering of Landmark shingles is enhanced by the color Max Def color options they’re offered in. Landmark Pro shingles offer an even longer-lasting warranty than regular Landmark shingles.

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