Build your Deck in Five Easy Steps

Build your Deck in Five Easy Steps

Exquisite & Easy
More than twenty years ago, Trex® revolutionized the industry by offering a low-maintenance alternative to wood. Committed as ever, our aim today is to continue to reinvent the high-performance composite decking category—which means guiding you along the journey from browsing a deck a deck gallery on your phone to installing one in your backyard. Because the other reinvention? Making it easy.

The Purposeful Plan
Extending your home’s vision has never been more doable. In just five steps, go from having a bad case of deck envy to being 100% deck ready.

Step 1 – Material, Size & Shape
Every deck starts with a great plan. Once you know how you want to use your deck, you’ll be able to determine the best materials, size and shape. Ask yourself these questions to see where you stand.

Do you have time to maintain a wood deck?
Will you use an existing substructure or build a new one?
Do you expect your deck to retain its vibrancy, year after year?
Do you envision a curved or angular deck?
Will there be more than one level?
Will there be multiple exits and entrances?
Do you want room for a grill or dining area?
How will you light your deck?

Step 2 – Invest in a Substructure
Think about it: If you’re going to invest in a long-lasting deck, don’t you want its support to last just as long?
Trex Elevations®, our system of durable, triple-coated steel beams, joists and tracks, creates the strongest, straightest and greenest structures down below.
Unlike interior-grade steel competitors, elevations in designed specifically for the outdoors.

Step 3 – Select your Decking
Visions of a new deck rarely manifest in black and white. Which is why we start with color and move outward. Each of ours has its own personality, and one is sure to be truer to your home’s style than any other. It’s time to honor what you see, when you close your eyes and imagine what’s possible.

Step 4 – Choose your Railing
When people look at your deck, they’ll see the railing before anything else. Which is why picture-perfect deck means selecting railing that signifies your style—whether you’re a modern minimalist or tradicional to the core.

Step 5 – Add the Extras
Before you really, truly luxuriate in your new deck, you’re going to need a few add-ons. Think seats, storage, lighting and shade. The good news it that our extras are just as durable and design-minded as our decking and railing.


What’s Next?
You did your research.
You designed with care.
You even took the time to print materials, lists and watch a few videos.
Now it’s time to connect with a Trex pro.

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6 thoughts on “Build your Deck in Five Easy Steps”

  1. I liked how you pointed out the need to determine what type of deck you are want to have by asking yourself the questions listed. My wife and I are planning on having a deck built in our yard, so this is helpful. Would a composite be a good material option to pursue for our deck?

  2. I do like how you mentioned that the railing is as important to keep aesthetic as the decking since it will be the very first thing people will see. Honestly, I have never thought that far out yet since I just started thinking about getting a deck earlier. I’ll try to see some deck services and check what style their deckings and railings can offer. Thanks!

  3. My wife and I are wanting to build a deck for this summer, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about asking what kind of shape the deck will have and how many exits and entrances. I’ll have to see if I can incorporate a few ways to get on the deck and make it more accessible.

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