10th Anniversary Promotion

US Siding & Construction is celebrating our 10th anniversary with a promotion that we are running until 12/15/16. All installations or replacements during this time period are 10% OFF!! This is a deal that you cannot miss out on. If you were thinking about getting some home work done, then now is the time. For more information, please feel free to … Read More

Signs You Need A New Roof

Most people wait far too long and take their roof years beyond it’s level of productivity. When roofs break down, sometimes they may just need repairs but in other situations you will need a new roof. Is your roof past its life span? If you’re not sure then follow some of these tips in order to help you determine. 1. … Read More

Importance Of Siding For A Home

When people look to upgrade their home, they often look towards interior additions and improvements. One of the more important aspects of a home that people forget though is their siding. But what is the importance of siding? What does it do? And when is the time to install new siding? Importance Of Siding The primary importance of siding is to … Read More