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Bellingham is a Massachusetts town located in the Norfolk County of Massachusetts. With a population closing in on 20,000 people, Bellingham is a town you can find our team doing work in. If you are a Bellingham, MA homeowner or property owner, continue reading to learn how our services can be an upgrade for your property! 

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Roofing Installation & Repair in Bellingham, MA

A roof is arguably the most important part of every home. Roofs come in all different shapes and sizes but ultimately provide the same essential function: protection. Roofs are available in different forms of material: Asphalt,  Rubber,  and Metal.

Factors that can help determining the roofing material you choose typically depends on: 

  • The Overall style of your Home
  • Where You Live 
  • Commitment to Maintenance 

If it is time for your home to get a new roof installed, do not wait around, just contact U.S Siding & Roofing! We can help with Commercial Roofs too! 

Siding Installation & Repair in Bellingham, MA

Siding is just as essential as a roof and plays a large role in terms of mitigating or preventing water damage from taking place inside your home. With the proper siding intact, the sides of a home will be protected against inclement weather and possible mold buildup. 

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Window Installation & Repair in Bellingham, MA

New windows can be just what your home needs this year. At U.S Siding & Roofing, we also specialize in window installations. Our team is now part of the Authorized Replacement Contractor Program making us the ideal team to handle your window project! With our Marvin Signature Collection Series, you will not be disappointed with your options! 

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