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US Siding & Roofing is glad to provide Newton residents with our roofing & siding services. Newton is one of the larger cities in Massachusetts being home to about 91,000 residents. It’s located in Middlesex County Massachusetts less than 10 miles outside of downtown Boston. Newton is comprised of thirteen different villages rather than having a traditional city center and downtown area. Being such a large and diverse city, there are many Newton residents in need of our roofing and siding services. Read below for more information.

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Roofing Contractors in Newton, MA

First off, the roof of your home is one of the most crucial features of any home, protecting the rest of the home from the top down while adding some style as well. That’s why our team works with asphalt and metal roofs. US Siding & Roofing is happy to provide the community of Newton Massachusetts with their roofing installation & roofing repair services. Depending on the situation of your roof it’s important to understand whether you need a complete replacement or just a repair. Tackling repair after repair when you should just get a replacement is a waste of money. US Siding & Roofing walks through the entire process with each and every customer. From what is wrong with your roof to the various options you have to resolve it. If a replacement is needed our team of contractors is happy to talk about that as well. Contact us for more information on our roofing services.

Siding Contractors in Newton, MA

Next up, US Siding & Roofing is glad to provide Newton residents with our siding installation services. The siding on a home is one of the more important and crucial aspects next to the roof. From the appearance the it portrays for the entire property to its functional use keeping everyone safe and comfortable. As siding starts to break down it creates a large issue for homeowners, not doing the job that it once did. Our team of experienced contractors provides three high-quality solutions to all Sudbury residents and you need to be aware of the products themselves:

Each of these options does an excellent job of protecting your home but also raises the curb appeal too. Plus each of the manufacturers we work with engineers siding for Massachusetts residents. 

Our team also offers window and painting services to keep the rest of your home’s exterior beautiful and well protected. For further information about any of our services please feel free to reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 617-467-5005 or through our online contact form.